Waves Hand Car Wash 


4WD $7 extra (SUV / AWD)


Hand wash

Dual Rinse

Door Jambs

Tyres Glossed

Windows outside


4WD $10 extra (SUV / AWD)


  • Basic Wash

+ Interior vacuum

+ Windows Inside Out

+ Dash & Console Clean


4WD $10 extra (SUV / AWD)


   Super Wash

+ Spray Wax

+ Boot Vacuum

+ Door Trims Wiped

+ Wheel & Rims Shine

+ Bumper Bugs Clean

+ Fragrance


    4WD $20 extra (SUV / AMD)


    • Deluxe Wash

    + Carpet or Seat shampoo or Leather Seat Conditioning & Protectant


    *4WD $20 extra (SUV/AWD)


    • Deluxe Wash

    + Carpet Shampoo

    + Seat Shampoo or Leather Seats Conditioning & Protectant 

    + De-Bact & Sanitise Interior

    + Matt & Boot Shampoo


      4WD $20 extra (SUV / AWD)


      • Ultimate Detail

      + Clay Bar Treatment

      + Under Bonnet Clean

      + Premium Carnauba Wax


        Engine Cleaning


        Carpet Shampoo


        Dash & Console


        De-Bacterizing A/C System


        Wheel Bling


        Re-shine Headlights


        Interior Vacuum


        Seat Shampoo


        Cut & Polish


        Mat Shampoo


        Bug & Tar


        Leather Treatment


        Boot Vacuum


        Slip Stream 60


        About Waves Hand Car Wash 

        We know how good it feels to drive a clean car. Everything we do is focused on providing the best car wash and customer service experience in the industry. We don’t have spinning brushes, mindless machines or heavy equipment to damage the finish to your car.

        Harbour Town Shopping Centre 727 Tapleys Hill Rd, Adelaide Airport SA 5950, Australia, Adelaide, SA, Australia, South Australia

        +61 433 457 269

        • 20 Years Experience

          20 years of industry experience in offical partnership with luxury dealerships.

        • Attention to Detail

          Emphasize the meticulous attention your staff pays to each vehicle.

        • Personalized Service

          Offer additional services such as interior detailing or specific cleaning requests.

        • Customer Convenience

          Offer additional services like pick-up and drop-off, or mobile hand car wash services.

        • Time Efficiency

          Highlight the time efficiency of a hand car wash compared to automatic car washes.

        • Transparent Pricing

          Clearly outline your pricing structure to make it easy for customers to understand

        Our Gallery

        Welcome to Waves Hand Car Wash, where we redefine the art of car care with our unparalleled hand car wash services. At Waves Hand Car Wash, we believe in more than just cleaning vehicles